What Are Some Affordable Mechanical Keyboards

As mechanical keyboards are becoming more and more popular, people are looking for gear that fits for their individual preferences. Mechanical keyboards can be quite pricey, especially depending on the brand or customization. While some of us are capable of dropping some money on a high dollar keyboard, a lot of us want to find a keyboard that won’t break the bank. However, it’s more than just finding a keyboard below a set dollar amount. You want to find a mechanical keyboard that performs well and lasts a long time and preferably programmable with software to customize to your tastes. I’ve had many friends ask me for help in finding cheaper mechanical keyboards that topped off at $60 and came to one conclusion...


A Great Keyboard - When it comes to our keyboards and the games we prefer to play, we all have different preferences. Your keyboard should mirror these traits and, most importantly, give you with the best gaming experience possible. Be sure to read my article called: What Makes A Good Gaming Mechanical Keyboard to learn what makes or breaks an excellent gaming keyboard.


If you are truly interested in finding a good mechanical keyboard for under 50 dollars, there’s one brand I highly recommend - Redragon


According to Meesh, Computer Product Analyst, "Redragon is a well-known brand for mechanical keyboards. They provide a lower priced mechanical keyboard with a variety of switches." Redragon also provides mechanical keyboards in every size. They even provide a separate number pad for those who like to set up macros or for external use for those who own laptops. All of their mechanical keyboards are as they call them, ‘sexy’. They include a software that allows you to change the color settings for the back lighting. As well as how your keyboard reacts, such as color choice and color shifting. Roughly the most expensive Redragon mechanical keyboard settles to $80.


Their keyboards are ergonomically designed with high quality plate-mounted mechanical keys and switches. All keys are anti-ghosting for reliable game play. They are also compatible with all Windows and some limited Macs. Ultimately Redragon is the best mechanical keyboard that you can obtain for a lower price range. Redragon K582 SURARA RGB< This is a full sized keyboard roughly costing $40 to $47. It has RGB lighting, linear keys and quiet red switches. 


Like all RGD Redragon mechanical keyboards, there are multiple preferences for lighting and patterns. Redragon K552 Keyboard RGB TKL If you’re down for a tenkeyless keyboard to save some space on your desk, this one runs roughly about $40 dollars, though if you want the white version, it’ll be about $45. It has RGB lighting, with several different lighting pattern versions for your preference. The mechanical switches are equivalent to the Cherry MX Switches, which means it’ll be quieter than some of the other switches that Redragon uses. Redragon K551 RGB


This is a full sized keyboard with a custom cherry switch, which is roughly the equivalent of the blue switch, roughly costing about $44. If you are okay with a cheaper keyboard being a bit more ‘clicky clacky’ then you’ll be fine with any of the Redragons. This also has programmed RGB lighting patterns that you can alter with an FN + combination.


What Are Some Affordable Mechanical Keyboards


Here are some different brands:


If you are willing to pay a little bit more, the variety of mechanical keyboards broadens. There are, of course, more Redragons if you are interested in paying more than $50. Let’s not stop just yet, though. There are other reliable brands that are available for under $100, if you're okay with cashing out a couple extra twenties. The majority of these have choices in switches, too, so it’s up to you and your preference. Onward! SteelSeries Apex M400


This SteelSeries blue backlit full sized keyboard is found for roughly $54 dollars. You can also buy it in a variety of switches, depending on your preference. SteelSeries keyboards are durable and dependable with reinforced steel back plate construction. Anti-ghosting is also a must with a 104-key rollover. Corsair K63 Compact TKL


If you want a more compact mechanical keyboard and like Corsair, this is a good choice. It’s a red backlit keyboard with linear and quiet cherry mx switches. 100 percent anti-ghosting key rollover also included. HyperX Alloy Origins RGB


HyperX is a well known mechanical keyboard brand that many top gamers use. If you’re willing to pay a bit over $80, this full sized (though compact) keyboard with tactile HyperX Aqua switches will be a great buy. If you’re interested in HyperX but want a TKL, they also have the HyperX Alloy Origins Core RGB in HyperX Aqua and HyperX Red switches. These two roughly price for about $90.


Logitech G413


This is a more affordable Logitech product, roughly ranging around $65. It has G-Romer mechanical switches and an aircraft grade-5052 aluminum top case. It’s backlighting is red and great for late night gaming without any color distractions.


Roccat Vulcan 80


If you catch Roccat on a sale, you can snag one of their aluminum plated mechanical keyboards for around $80. Without a sale, the Vulcan usually runs about $129. The Vulcan comes in their Brown Titan Switches with a beautiful blue LED backlight. My friend bought one of these as an upgrade from one of her Redgraons. She loves it, as a gamer and a writer.


Roccat Suora and Suora FX


Again, if you find these on sale on the Roccat website, you’ll find a well made and very affordable mechanical keyboard. They call these the minimalist keyboards because, well if you look at Roccat’s boards, they’re a little snazzier. The Suora FX is the RGB version, and on sale can usually be found around $70. If you’re okay with blue LED lighting, the Suora is around $50.


* It’s important, if you like the Roccat brand (or just on the hunt for a mechanical keyboard), to always check their website out. The majority of the time their keyboards are going to be on sale, along with a lot of their other gaming gear. I’ve had many of their mice and they’ve never let me down (even five+ years later).




These are just some suggestions in a vast sea of mechanical keyboards. I’ve chosen these because I know of their quality, compared to a lot of what is sold on Amazon these days. If you buy any of these keyboards I’ve listed above, you will have one that lasts. I personally know of these brands and can tell you with complete confidence - you can't go wrong. 

If I have not owned one of these mechanical keyboard brands, you best bet that my friends have and we all talk about our computer gear. And/or I own tons of their other items. I want to help everyone - from the new gamers to the wise - to the typists and writers - or just the people who want a cool keyboard, find the right one for them without spending too much. 

Which, parents out there with blossoming gamers, a Redragon is a really good first mechanical keyboard. It was mine! Instead of getting your kid the Ferrari, get them a good reliable Toyota and let them feel it out first. If they spill something on it, hey that's okay, it wasn't over 200 bucks.